The market for housing in Detroit is highly stable this year. If you're considering selling your home in Detroit, now would be an optimal time to begin preparing to officially list your house for sale.

Due to the harsh Detroit winters, many home buyers are looking to purchase in the warmer months of spring and summer. The colder season is an ideal time for you to prepare your home to sell, and these simple steps will give your home a strong advantage. 

Choose to Work with the Best

Take your time to select a great, experienced real estate agent before you begin the process of preparing your home for sale. The top real estate agents in Detroit will come prepared to utilize their expert insight to tell you exactly what needs to be done to your home to garner the best offer.

They are your tour guides on the journey of selling your home. The best realtors know that the higher offer you receive, the larger commission they'll eventually see. That being said, a truly great agent will go above-and-beyond to advise you on how to put your home’s best foot forward before listing it.

Use Digital Tools to Find a Real Estate Partner

Finding a great real estate agent can feel overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Effective Agents is a website designed to provide you with a list of the area's top-performing real estate agents. The website's algorithm will give you a list of only the best real estate agents who work with homes similar to yours.

Give it the Ole’ Sniff Test

There's nothing that turns off a buyer quicker than a foul or stale odor. However, you've been living in your home so long that you may not even notice it. Ask a friend or family member to seek out any smells that may be lingering in the rooms or kitchen, bedrooms or living areas.

Get some fresh-scented candles in place to light during an open house. Air fresheners can often be overpowering and tend to have a very fake smell. Candles provide a feeling of warmth and intimacy that will set the tone for prospective buyers to get a great first scent impression of your house.

Less is More

There's no bigger red flag to buyers than a mound of clutter stuffed into a spare closet or heaping in a corner of a guest bedroom. The best thing you can do to make your home’s interior attractive to buyers is to fully deep-clean your house of clutter.

Check your Lighting

Having great lighting in your home is essential to maximizing the appeal of the space to buyers. Make sure that all your light bulbs are working, and opt for softer bulbs in areas that are meant to be more cozy such as the dining room or master suite. Taking the time to upgrade lighting fixtures will also add a great deal of value to every room.

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